Do you have any questions?

A women is researching about a company prior to her interview. she lies on a sofa, and searches answers on her laptop.In every professional interview, you will get a chance to ask questions. And you should always ask something, becasue it demonstrates your honest interest for the position and for their company.

One can ask about many things. While is some Arabic countries it is good to ask about family and children, the same question would sound ridiculous in Europe, or in the United States.

On the other hand, there are many good topics to inquire about:

  • Goals and vision of the company
  • Their working environment
  • Typical day in work
  • Products and services they offer (you can even focus on a particular product)
  • Next steps of the recruitment process, next round of interviews


Listen carefully to their answers

If you ask something, you should listen carefully. If appropriate, elaborate on the subject with further questions. Job interview should be a dialogue. Talk with them about things they like, and they will soon start to like you as well…

Salary – a good question?

I would not suggest to inquire about salary. First of all, if they consider hiring you, they will start to talk about money. And secondly, it does not make a good impression.

Smart job applicants never start the discussion about salaries. They wait for the employer to start the negotiation (either with an offer, or with a question).


Do more than the others do

Secretary interview is not the most difficult interview in the world. You won’t deal with any technical questions, and you can prepare for all the other questions in advance. There is one problem, however–the competition.

More often than not, you will compete with at least ten other people for the job. Every answer matters, every detail counts.

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Jacob Gates, Your Personal Interview Coach, author of the website