About us


Jacob Gates, author SecretaryInterviewQuestions.com was founded in August 2013 by Jacob Gates, independent recruitment consultant and interview coach from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jacob had worked for various US banks, designing recruitment process and interviewing job applicants for a variety of positions, ranging from secretaries to branch managers, before he quit the corporate life and started to earn his living working as a consultant and interview coach.


Jacob specializes in helping job seekers to succeed in an interview. They can either benefit from the advice he offers for free on the websites he runs, or they can purchase one of his digital products, or hire him as an interview coach. For more information about Jacob check Jacob-Gates.com.


Website traffic statistics

Statistics from Google Analytics for secretaryinterviewquestions.com website, we can see number of visits and page views on the picture, as well as the trend of visits of over the years,

  • More than 170,000 job seekers benefited from the advice on this website since August 2013
  • We have welcomed visitors from 218 different countries, led by United States (39% of total visits), India, UK, South Africa, and Philippines.
  • The website was shared and linked to numerous times, receiving traffic from 469 different traffic sources to date (search engines, social network, video sharing sites, bookmarking sites, forums, blogs…), led by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and YouTube.

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