What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Two women are talking before their job interview. They look at the job description, and enjoy their meeting. They both wear black jackets. This is a classic interview question. People used it in the very beginning of professional recruitment, when they, honestly speaking, did not really know what they were doing.

And we still use it today, and job seekers will likely have to deal with it in fifty years from now (unless we employ robots by then).

Modern HR managers should recognize your strengths and weaknesses without inquiring about them. On the other hand, the person leading your interview does not have to be an HR professional.

They can be a manager, small business owner, or anyone else who has little or none knowledge of interviewing job applicants. In such a case, this question still makes sense. And how to answer it?



Essential strength and inessential weakness

Each of us has some weaknesses. However,¬†they do not necessarily matter for a job of a secretary (or at least they are not vital for the role). I suggest you to think about your personality, and choose relevant strengths and weaknesses that aren’t central for the job.

You can even pick a weakness that can be considered a strength, for example being over-friendly, or impatient in job. Let’s have a look at some good answers.

A woman with nice heaircut left a good impression in her interview. We can see the hiring managers talking in the back of the office, they are in a goog mood. I have a tendency to be over-friendly with people, what is not always good. Some clients may not like it, and I know I should be more professional. From my strengths I can mention good communication skills, and an ability to work quickly. I am always focused on the task at hand, which results in high efficiency. My time management is excellent, at least I would say so.

I would say I am a good team player, and a hard worker. I am also responsible, what I believe it important for a good secretary. But I am not really good in managing people, or leading them. I prefer getting orders, becasue I am not good in giving them.

Each of us has some weaknesses. Do not be afraid to admit yours. You can elaborate on them, saying how you try to improve on your weakness.

Such an answer presents you as someone conscious of their abilities, someone who constantly tries to improve as a person, and as an employee. And that is exactly the impression you want to make on your interviewers.

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